Alexander Telalim

Born in Ismail (The Ukraine). In his works you will find marks and traces of his Slavonic spirit, interweaving with the close to him as a sensation Eastern aesthetics and philosophy. .

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Anastasiya Chervenakova

Born on 20th Nov 1959 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1984 graduated from the National Art Academy specialized in restoration and conservation of works of art in the class of Prof. L. Prashkov. 1984-1990 works in the sphere of restoration and conservation in the National Institute of Monuments of Culture. Member of the Creative Fund of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. Participated in representative exhibitions of Bulgarian icons in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Finland, Germany. Icons by Anastasiya Chervenakova are owned by officials and private persons, firms, public organizations, churches and private collections in Bulgaria and abroad - Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Australia, USA, Mexico, Japan, etc. All copies are painted by an old Bulgarian icon-painting technique.

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Antoniya Yankova

Born on 21th Nov 1972 in Sofia. Graduated from the Specialized High School of Performing Arts, major "Artist executive". Graduated from the National Arts Academy, mastered in "Conservation and Restoration" under Prof. Grigory Grigorov. Works in the fields of icon-painting, mural painting, conservation and restoration. Icons of hers are owned by private persons and officials in Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, England, USA, etc.

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Bisser Dimitrov

Warm tints are his weakness. Landscapes of serenity and freshness. Still-lives with the feeling of old gold.

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Dianka Todorova

Dianka Todorova was born in 1959 in Gorna Oryahovitsa. In 1982 she graduated from UVT "St. Kiril i Metodii". She's had 9 one-man shows in Sofia, Pleven and Stara Zagora. Her works can be found in private galleries and collections in Austria, Belgium, Germany, USA, Switzerland. Her works presented in Noe Gallery are a synthesis of modern and realistic.

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Dimitar Gotsak

He was born on May 9, 1966 in Montana (BULGARIA). In 1985 graduated from High School of High Arts

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Donna Zlatanova

Donna Zlatanova has chosen the visual arts for her vocation. In Noe gallery she is presented with paintings on silk. "...not just pictures painted on silk but the colours of a world to which Donna issues an entry ticket to those who wish. Intoducing the purple he-cat, greeting the smiling tree..." - "Usuri" magazine, August 2008

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Elena Boteva

Born in Sevlievo, grew up in Sofia. Graduated in "Painting" from the National Art Academy in 1964 under Prof. Panayot Panayotov. Her aspirations towards still-life and vigorous radiant colors were awaken by Boris Ivanov and she was directed towards portraits by the artist Boyan Petrov. Artworks of hers are owned by numerous galleries in Bulgaria and foreign private collections.

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Elena Perfanova

On the path of her creative process Elena Perfanova always aims to provoke herself as well as the viewers' interest helping them take a bold glimpse beyond the primary image and take a look at themselves, and find their essence projected onto imagination. The aim is for the hidden to become visible and for the obvious to get a secondary and unostentatious meaning. Her works' direction helps secrets be revealed, focus be changed, paths be found.

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Emanuela Bayrakova

Born in 1965 in Varna, Bulgaria. In 1991 graduated from the Academy of Arts "Nikolay Pavlovich", major "Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Valuables". Works in the fields of painting, icon painting and applied arts. In 1996 participated in an exhibition in Switzerland. In 1998 participated in an exhibition-bazaar in Cyprus. In 2002 a film was shot about her - "The Fairytale Lives Within Us" by director Elena Dimitrova. Works by Emanuela Bayrakova are owned by collections in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, USA, etc. In Noe Gallery she is presented by her bright paintings which radiate with energy and innocence.

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Emil Velchev

Born in 1955 in Samokov. In 1990 graduated from the National Art Academy

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Galina Levashka

Galina Levashka is a young painter who looks and presents creative individuality and could be remembered with her specific style. Her ideas are interpreted on the canvases in a fairy and poetic way. The forms are decorative and the color is intensive and rich which gives unique wonder and purity to her paintings. Her style is expressive, playful and colourful, close to magical realism in combination with folklore elements.

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Galina Pavlova

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Gencho Denchev

"Gencho Denchev is a contemporary artist, not so much by the external artistic signs but by substance, by essence, by spirits, by interpreting events, by attitude towards subject... ...His balance is suffered and born artistically and humanly, so that we trust his path of an artist - the one he's passed and the one ahead of him." - Svetlin Rusev, 13th Jan 1987, Sofia

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Georgi Danchev

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Ilko Nikolchev

"One of the most important considerations in my work is to make sculptures as synchronized with the surrounding environment as possible. Usually, this is provoked by the influence, which the concrete place exerts on me

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Iva Petkova

Graduated from the National Art Academy. She has been paints icons for years. She has taught icon-painting to non-professionals.

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Ivan Batchvarov

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Ivan Dodov

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Ivan Filchev

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Ivan Jakhnagiev

Ivan Jakhanagiev was born in Sofia, in Bulgaria, in 1948. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, graduating in 1977. His artistic activity, with over 30 years of experience and over one hundred solo exhibitions in galleries and public venues in all Europe, includes painting, printing, murals and illustration. A pioneer of body art in his country, Ivan Jakhanagiev is considered among the most important contemporary Bulgarian artists. Particularly famous are his cycles

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Ivan Ninov

Born on 19th August 1946. In 1969 graduated from the Art School in Sofia. Since 1970 he has been participating in almost all International biennials and triennials of graphic art and representative exhibitions of Bulgarian graphic abroad. Ivan Ninov lives and works in Sofia.

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Ivana Makedonova

Born in 1957 in Burgas. Held six one-man exhibitions. Her artworks are owned by private collectors in Bulgaria, Macedonia, England, Germany, Dubai, Kuwait, Japan, USA and Canada. She lives and works in Varna.

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Kamen Kissimov

Born in 1972 in the town of Lovetch. Graduated the High School of Arts in Lovetch in 1990. Following numerous appearances in Bulgaria and abroad he has been working intensively since 2002 with PICTOR Gallery in Meinz, Germany.

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Kiril Bozhkilov

Kiril Bozhkilov (born 1949 in Sandansky) works in the fields of satirical drawing, caricature and naif painting. His colorful artworks radiate joy which makes the day look happier. He is a regular participant in national and international exhibitions and plein-airs of caricature and painting. His artworks may be found in the collection of the world's biggest House of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo and in numerous private galleries in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, England, France, Germany, USA, Korea. His colorful canvases adorn the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Embassies in Bulgaria, the National Palace of Culture, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The artist is a regular participant in the exhibition-contest "Umuri Shimbun" - Tokio, as well as in plein-airs. Held numerous one-man shows in Bulgaria - in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Blagoevgrad, and one in Poland. Obtained many awards: 1986, Pernik, Second Prize in Caricature; 2000, Sofia, First Prize for Painting and Satire; 2001, Istanbul, Turkey, First Prize; 2003, Strumitsa, Macedonia.

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Kiril Bozhkov

Born on 15th May 1964. Graduated from the Secondary School of Arts in 1983 and from the National Academy of Arts in 1991. A Professor at the NAA, department of Painting. His pictures belong to the National Art Gallery, Sofia Art Gallery and private collections in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, Germany, Norway, Russia, USA, Slovakia, France, Netherlands, Japan. "No matter what happens, I'll keep on painting!" - Kiril Bozhkov

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Krassimir Chernev - Kras

"The abstract is our hidden desire to discover what we know well in what is unknown to us. That is the truce in an eternal struggle - reality versus illusion. The abstract turns a momentary process in our mind into an emotional experience of pleasure spread through time." - Krassimir Chernev

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Lyuben Pashkulsky

With a lot of love and tender feeling he paints the

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Lyubomir Arnaudov

Born on 18th January 1964 in Sofia. In 1982 graduated from the Technical School of Ceramics and Glass - Sofia, major "Decoration". He has worked in the fields of icon painting and fine arts - painting, drawing, aquarelle. In Noe Gallery he is presented by landscapes in oil. His artworks are owned by connoisseurs from Bulgaria, Norway, Great Britain, USA, Japan, Russia.

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Michail Valkanov

Michail Valkanov was born in 1950 in Sofia, where he also got his

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Mina Panayotova

Born in 1976 in Varna. Graduated from the High School of Arts "Dimitar Dobrovich" - applied arts, major "Textile" in the class of Danelina Koseva in 1995. Graduated from the National art Academy, major "Metals" in the class of Prof. Bogomil Nikolov in 2001. Created many prize sculptures, participated in exhibitions and contests in Bulgaria and abroad.

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Paola Stoeva

Born on 12th July 1968. Graduated "Fine Arts" at the First Private Academy "Jules Pascin" under Nikolay Maystorov and Ognyan Tsekov.

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Petya Pandilova

Petya Pandilova has been painting icons for years, by the traditional techniques of the ancient Orthodox icon painters. She painted the iconostasis in the church "Sveta Troitsa" (Holy Trinity) in Malko Turnovo. Many icons made by her can be found in Sicily and the Vatican.

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Plamen Kazakov

Born in 1963. In 1982 graduated from the Specialized School of Artistic Treatment of Stone - Kunino village, Vratsa district. Worked in the fields of outdoor advertising and interior design. Since 1987 turned to fine arts, and since 1991 he has been working mainly in the sphere of iconography. The icons he's been painting since 2005 are intended mainly for the Monastery complex of Meteora in Greece. Artworks of his are property of private collections in Bulgaria, USA, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, etc.

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Plamen Stoev

Born in 1979 in Veliko Tarnovo. 1998 graduated from Hogh School "V. Grancharov" Gorna Oryahovitsa, class "Fine Arts". 2002 graduated from VTU "St. Kiril and Metodii", department "Fine Arts", major "Painting". Five one-man shows. Participated in general exhibitions and biennials in Bulgaria and Italy.

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Ralitsa Sarailieva

Ralitsa Sarailieva was born in 1971 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1987 she graduated at the National Art Academy in Sofia, specialty

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Sasho Kostov

Born in 1954 in Belogradchik. He works and lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

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Roberto Andreev

Born in 1961. Graduated from the Private Art School under Maestro Kiril Stanchev in Russe. Specialized in the Lithographic centers in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas. His Artworks may be found in Ludwigcollection in Aachen, the Museum of Graphic Art in Giza, collections in Russe, Sofia, London, Cologne, Manchester, Paris, the Hague. Lives and works in Russe. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

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Rumiana Rusinova

Born in Tryavna. Graduated from the National Art Academy in 1978, major "Monumental Ceramics" under Prof. Venko Kolev. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. Participated in symposiums, biennials and exhibitions of sculpture in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, USA, etc. Artworks of hers are owned by the National Art Gallery, Sofia Art Gallery, other Bulgarian galleries and private collections in Bulgaria and abroad.

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Silva Marinova

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Svetlozar Lisichkov

Born in Russe in 1960. Works in the field of small sculpture. Exhibited artworks in various galleries in Sofia. In 1996 participated in an exhibition in Prague. His artworks can be found in private collections in Germany, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands, Bachrein.

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Tetiana Popazova

Born in 1973 in Ukraine. Graduated from the High School of Arts "Artistic Processing of Metals" - fine arts, Russia, 1995. Graduated from the National Art Academy, major "Metals" in the class of Prof. Bogomil Nikolov, Sofia, 2001. Participated in exhibitions and contests for sculpture. Made the prize sculptures for the National Marksmanship Federation, 2004.

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Vanya Krasteva

Born in 1980 in Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria. 2004

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Venera Konstantinova

Venera Konstantinova graduated from the National Art Academy, major Mural Painting under Prof. M. Ganovsky. Secretary of the Monumental Arts Department of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. She works in the spheres of stained glass, frescoes and oil paintings. Many of her works appear in private houses and collections in Bulgaria, Japan, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, France, England, Austria and other countries.

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Yanko Madjarov

Born in 1947. Member of the Creative Foundation of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. He's known for his approach to landscapes in graphic. Represented in Noe Gallery by landscapes and graphic icons.

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Vladimir Shunev

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